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In a ceremony dating back hundreds of years, Matt Wilde, a former back-up quarterback for the University of Michigan football team, is elected Worshipful Master of the lodge. As a symbol of his new position, he is presented with a top hat and a Master’s gavel. Recognized as the oldest fraternity in the world, Freemasonry came to the Great Lakes territory in the mids by the French. The Grand Lodge of Michigan was established in , and the Birmingham lodge received its charter in A number of the key players in the American Revolution were Freemasons. Locally, prominent names such as Charles Shain, Wylie E. Wilde said his mom used to tell him stories about dropping off her dad at the Birmingham lodge.

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Craft Masons and different appendant bodies within Freemasonry utilize different Masonic calendars to celebrate an historical inception date such as the creation of the world or an historical event specific to that Masonic order or body. These dates are used upon official Freemason documents. The historical dates are symbolic of new beginnings, and should not be misconstrued as Freemasons believing that there was a Masonic lodge in the Garden of Eden.

Symbolically, they connect the creation of physical light in the universe with the birth of Masonic spiritual and intellectual light in the candidate.

44 of Free and Accepted Masons is opened for the installation of new officers. In a ceremony dating back hundreds of years, Matt Wilde.

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There’s even an ancient landmark is the stonemasons, this web site says something different cities and least-hidden secret societies?

Freemasons: Behind the veil of secrecy

Freemasons, in affixing dates to their official documents, have a calendar … Many Masons are curious as to the different dates used in Freemasonry. Supplier of In the Royal Arch degree of the York Rite, even that small qualification is summarily removed. The following explanation should provide further light into these peculiar Masonic … If anyone wants to send me email, especially if any of the information on this chart is not correct or if you know of additional information that should be included, please send me email by clicking on my name Paul M.

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At Lodge No. The following is a transcript of what Bro. Parmer, PM presented that evening. Good evening Brethren! It is such an honor to be asked to address this Great Lodge so soon after having left the East last year. I thank the Worshipful Master for his kindness toward myself. Most of you probably know or have heard of the abbreviation of AL after reading your blue lodge monthly notice.

You probably also know that it stands for Anno Lucis. Nevertheless my research also shows that people, Moderns like Dr. Anderson and Dr. You see in the s AD most people believed the Bible to be accurate to the letter, that the world was made in 6 days of 24 hour increments, that the world was simply years old before Jesus Christ hit the scene. You might not know that virtually all Masonic bodies have their own dating method indicative of some important point of their own history and anecdotes.

So presently we are in the year 5, Anno Mundi.

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THE literature on freemasonry does not offer straightforward explanations. Is it benign or bent on subverting government? Is it a community of knowledge or of the occult? Such questions are not new.

To elevate their trade, masons invented elaborate histories dating back first referred to the temporary accommodations at construction sites.

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that grew out of centuries-old European trade guilds. Freemasons or Masons meet in lodges, where they ritually reenact a story based on the brief biblical account of a man named Hiram, whom Solomon commissioned to work on the temple in Jerusalem. In Masonic rituals, Masons commit to be worthy of trust and to be loyal to their Masonic brothers.

In addition to participating in these rituals, Masons meet socially, participate in community-building activities, and make charitable contributions to various causes. Some early Latter-day Saints were Masons. There are some similarities between Masonic ceremonies and the endowment, but there are also stark differences in their content and intent. There are no known Masonic documents before about The earliest records tell a story of Masonry originating during Old Testament times.

The oldest surviving minutes of Masonic lodges date to about and indicate that the organization was primarily concerned with regulating the trade of stonemasonry. Later minutes show that the lodges were gradually overtaken by men who were not stonemasons. These members transformed the organization from a trade guild into a fraternity. The rituals of Freemasonry appear to have originated in early modern Europe. The popularity of Freemasonry peaked in the United States between and In many localities in early America, the most important elected officials were also Masons.

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It was a sneak peek at a historic organization with roots dating to the Middle Ages and the first time in decades in Connecticut that its doors were open to the public. For three hours early Saturday afternoon, Fairfield’s Masonic Temple at Beach Road held an open house opportunity for visitors to tour the lodge, ask questions of members and learn more about this often controversial and mysterious society.

John’s Lodge 3 as the temple is formally recognized. While once a “secret society,” the fraternity now refers to itself as a “society with secrets,” meaning it prefers to retain privacy around its rituals and practices, officials said.

The fire destroyed [the] building. This site was purchased for $1, and rebuilt as a store with lodge room up stairs. The lodge moved in A dining room.

So let us begin. Help me understand why Freemasonry is not a religion? It offers no sacraments. Freemasons do not worship Satan. This is simply not true. Yes, we do use symbols to teach moral principles. And I read that the A. But you do have secrets from the rest of society. General Albert Pike was a prominent Mason. Not a real upstanding character. He wrote anti-Catholic satires poking fun at church leaders. He chose Freemasonry.

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An alternate system integrator, more controversial one using methods for keeping track of organising days for genealogists. Our site is dedicated to bringing together Brothers and Sisters of Freemasonry who share the values of the Masonic Fraternity. It establishes the criteria which these two authors established to define the individual Landmarks of the fraternity and … By using the information below you can find the date a design was registered.

Anno lucis is a long history dating sites in masonic sites and countries. between freemasonry was worth a far cry from obscure origins, is in your site examples.

Hi, I’m the girlfriend of a Freemason. I’ve done a lot of research on the topic and have been having a lot of trouble. Most of the things I find on the Internet seem fairly ridiculous and change with every website. I want to understand something that is so important to my boyfriend. He is now an officer and is getting increasingly involved.

I feel bad questioning him repeatedly on this topic. I know it makes him a little uncomfortable because he’s concerned that he’ll explain things incorrectly. I also feel like I don’t even know what questions to ask, half of the time. As a girlfriend, what should I know?

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